Save the date: Lecture by Prof. Honegger on 5. March 2020

Continuation of a lecture series in cooperation with the Institut für Ägyptologie of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, AcrossBorders, Prof. Julia Budka

New research on the archeology and history of Nubia and ancient Sudan

Thursday, 5. March, 6:15 pm
The cemeteries of El-Barga in Upper Nubia and the beginning of Neolithic in Africa

Prof. Dr. Matthieu Honegger

A few years ago, excavations at the El-Barga site in northern Sudan revealed a hunter-gatherer cemetery containing nearly 50 graves, dated to the 8th millennium BC. Next to it, a more recent cemetery dating back a thousand years contained more than 100 individuals.  It represents the oldest necropolis of the African Neolithic period. The comparison between these two buried populations shows striking differences, both biologically and culturally. The presentation of this site provide an opportunity to tackle the issue of the neolithization of the Nile Valley and North Africa, a process in which societies adopt an agro-pastoral way of life that lead to profound transformations such as the creation of wealth, power and inequality.

Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Auditorium
Gabelsbergerstraße 35, 80333 München

Lecture in English | free admission

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Poster lecture Prof. Honegger